It's time to reinvest in the services that support British Columbians

Beginning in May, the B.C. Government and Services Employees Union (BCGEU) will begin bargaining with the provincial government for new collective agreements that will cover roughly 53,000 employees in health, community social services and public services.

This diverse cross-section of workers care for our families and support our communities across the province.

You know them as the workers who:

  • Support vulnerable individuals and strengthen families in crisis through counselling services, supports and referrals.
  • Provide kids with a great start in life through early childhood education and learning.
  • Equip students with the post-secondary education and skills training they need to contribute to B.C.'s workforce.
  • Carefully manage the sale of alcohol across B.C. by keeping it out of the hands of underage youth.
  • Protect our parks, forests and waterways for us and future generations.
  • Keep prisons secure and our communities safe.
  • Help British Columbians and visitors travel safely by road, bridge, and ferry.
  • Provide quality administrative support services for government ministries, health services, community social services, and others.
  • Care for us and our loved ones facing illness, injury, or age-related health needs.

“BCGEU members are invested in the work they do, and they’re passionate about the quality, accessibility and responsiveness of the services they provide to families, businesses and communities across B.C.,” said BCGEU president Stephanie Smith. “Our members know, as citizens and residents themselves, that we all have a stake in our province’s continued prosperity. So, with ‘thanks to them,’ we’re asking other British Columbians to take a moment to recognize and reflect on our workers and to show that we all have a stake in them too.”   

If you believe your workplace would benefit from union representation, contact the BCGEU here.


Thanks to B.C. workers, public, health and community services have made a positive difference in my life.

A B.C. worker helped me when:

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